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The desire for ‘control’ of the way a company achieves the “goal” of PROFIT has had many taking nefarious “insights”…
… that have / ARE being * TESTED and (+)USED by those that have “NEED” to succeed for one reason or another.

I brought a ‘situation’ to the “governing” bodies of the FTC, CFPB, State of Ohio Attorney General and, THE WHITE HOUSE, a “situation” that HAS been passed over as a “NON EVENT” that the AT&T corporate officials have SUCCESS-FULLY been able to quash. YET, the very NATURE of the event warrants CLOSE OBSERVATION and RECTIFICATION, as IT IS a COMING “TOOL” for the electronic business FUTURE. Even as I write this the “protectors” appointed to PAY ATTENTION FOR this TYPE of manipulation ARE turning a “lucred” blind eye to something that ‘may’ trigger the implosion of “the ECONOMY”.

If any can remember the 1984 Apple Commercial, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1984_%28advertisement%29), the FACT that IT ISN’T BEING USED for the CRIMES that MICROSOFT HAS FACILITATED over the same time period of business. ( Bill Gates Was IBM’S DOS Writer.)

As a person “of color” that was taught via an UPPER CLASS School System the traits and tools of how this genre of citizenry “GET THINGS DONE” IS the “WAY I GREW UP”| (http://www.buzzfeed.com/katiejmbaker/what-happens-when-a-prep-schools-black-student-president-moc)  . The transparency of this time is the basis of where I’m “AT” in this period of “Life”… having good ideas thwarted due to the IDIOCY of how the ‘World’ has allowed their children to be manipulated into automatons that weren’t designed to have a “SAFETY” switch available for themselves.

The past “test abuse” accomplished, (SO FAR.), by AT&T, through JPMORGAN/CHASE bank, is that they CHARGED my DEBIT, ( “AUTOMATIC BILLING PAYMENTS”.), account FOUR TIMES within a THIRTY DAY billing cycle. When caught the STATE of DENIAL has covered all the GOVERNMENT agencies even as they “HAVE” witnessed the proliferations of the many types of CORPORATE FENCING tools being used to CHEAT the CUSTOMER. (SEE: GM and the IGNITION time-line of handling their “mistake”.) In this there WAS ONE that found, then ADMITTED the “GLITCH”… they HAVE been SILENCED. Even as the CRIME is over TWO YEARS OLD I CONTINUE to return “SOME” ATTENTIONto the event. Even as I’ve written this AT&T HAS resumed sending bill collection agencies to recover the FOUR TWENTY DOLLAR charges AFTER being “investigated” by the afore mentioned agencies  As “IT” appears that “IT” just may be the NEXT BYTE of “NEWS” that will force the “GATE KEEPERS” to reassess their training policies.

Watch for “IT”!!!

As a ‘peculiar’ note… HAS anyone noticed that the Presidents / C.E.O.s of some of the more HEINOUS perpetrators of ‘economic’ PUBLIC (financial) disasters have had bouts with a CANCER that “could be’ connected to their way of conducting business…

Michael Milkin ( http://www.ksl.com/?nid=151&sid=30258166

http://www.pcf.org/site/c.leJRIROrEpH/b.5699537/k.BEF4/Home.htm): PROSTATE CANCER.

I’ll be a “gentleman” by naming only ONE. But, if you study what “fate” presents to the creators of these Crimes you’ll view KARMA at her “better”.





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The above found a post at Saffronsite and gave a “liking’. Upon returning the favor I found her article, (June 4, 2014), of the changes in Brooklyn, (Her HOME.), to be very CORRECT, in that the CALIGULAS of today are being entitled to RAPE AND PILLAGE anyone’s societal norm and heritage. Add the fact that INSANITY has spored out of control and if you look around the blogesphere you’ll find too similar tellings of what “we” are observing.

The sadder part is that there are too many that WILL, ARE,HAVE BEEN, and are seeking to make the ART of selling out concerned folk. Giving this world over to the ‘new’ “accusers”. Those that have NO COMPUNCTION to allow good folk be driven away from PRODUCING “GOOD”. It’s getting worse.I have no desire to become a modern Telemacus though I can make a determined STAND for what is “more correct” than that presented currently… and AM. NO GUNS, NO EXPLETIVES, NO WAVERING. JUST STAND . Comment little to the purpe-traitor, but allow them to continue making their ‘cordages’. Perform any and, ALL “duties” BETTER than “they” expect. Even to when “they” attempt to sabotage every task you complete. Make it so that there’s SOMEONE of authority that ISN’T aligned to “them” to take notice of WHAT you DO. Good work outlasts care-lessness. Care outlasts blatant.



they’ve grown your carrots
much smaller
and “dangle’s” gone
the dreams that
you thought sold you
was just a
sidled merge

these things that came with
‘KID’S’ “meals”
are Get More Obtuse fare
adult-hood turned to backwards
blind’s bluff
bought into and unaware

their offer not an “apple”
though outcome almost same
the waiting is too trying
your failures who’s your blamed

when the table rotates
a “happy meal” to flirt
or will you skip the dinner
having ordered JUST DESSERTS

… these LOUTS


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As I “turn” into those that I’d admired as a child. The folk with the ‘white’ hairs all over and with care, in abundance. Leaving the wreckages of “youth” to the misery of their own company.

But, I have produced offspring and they WORRY me to the point of I DON’T KNOW these TWO young WOMEN. And, BEING WOMEN makes the “concern” the more pressive. The change from JASS BANDS to ROCK-N-ROLL to RAP to  today’s young revisiting the tonal views of the 1980’s is off kilter. The reintroduction of HARD CORE RACISM as CULTURE makes the insanity of “WHAT’S NEXT” (!??!) a mental/ socio-logical  TOX-SICLE that I WILL NOT develop a ‘taste’ for.

The GOAL IS to bring a happiness to the self and, any that will accept the gift. Until then… another “observation”.

there’s a cavity in the SPECIFICS
of the GRAVITY
within the educative ‘wisdoms’
for “our” youth
to face up to the thought’s present
calls warnings… FORE
to LIFE’S events

the ‘world’ that’s “known”
got poorly cloned
becoming the stop off
for every “HUCK” to come around
and to the applause
of every “P.T.” parent turned to clown

the falls of Rome and Athens
have clearly raised some questions
of this time
when “tis “OF” thee”
comes by entry fee
with no towel for the wiping of the slime

I must confess that this digress
had warnings by
the LAWS that came about
but ONE “swell foop”
all’s feet found poop
and yet we are still trusting of these LOUTS

… “NOW… The REST of the STORY”


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“The palest ink is still better than the best memory.”… (CHINESE PROVERB)

For the past few weeks the story, ( POLITICAL PLUTONIUM.), of one Cattle Rancher, CLIVEN BUNDY, has rivited the maws of many an “ASS-PYRE-ANT” of PUB(L)IC Office. “COUPLE” that to the ‘western’ version of HIGH NOON meets …LIBERTY VALANCE and, you get an image of COWBOYS acting like rock “stars”. Then, to ladle on the “nascent” historical educational presentation of NAVIN JOHNSON’S and, you’ll get what has been on video sites and, news programming.

For ALL the PATRONAL PATRIOT-SCHISM of a ‘citizen’ standing for “their” rights the FACTS of WHAT the actions TAKEN, versus the VALUE of OTHER CITIZENS’ Rights HAS been revealed by the staff at FORBES’ information outlet.

so after all this
and allegory

as ol’ PAUL
would deliver
“NOW… The REST of the STORY”

Go count the oratories
that changed “a” course so well
folk with weapon raised
for when they’ll
have THEIR “ways”
then by PI go multiply
those “paystubs”
in their piles
victims of a file unread
a “reason’s” hocus-pocus
the accusation sleeps
in very same bed
but clarity “IS” black and white
at least it is to ‘them’
it’s where an ALL
then someplace EQUAL
about a bio-“logic”
that they called “MEN”

… that’s the goal


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NOTHING IS MORE CONSTANT THAN CHANGE”. Truest. I find that the “world” that I’ve spent so ‘little’ time in seems to be a waste of the events and, words that were placed upon my mind to lead me to DISAPPOINTMENT(S).

The state of “BEING” IS GREAT. It’s the witnessing of too many detractions of WHAT “we” do / HAVE that brings the realism of WHY to a ‘FORE’. Why have ALL THIS when there’s too little time to UNDERSTAND, to ENJOY “IT”… the “way” that what created “IT” meant.

There’s not going to be an announcement of my own wronging of the self. I’ll “stay” here the span granted. It’s just that there IS so much that “WE” could provide for each other that the “WHO’S” we’ve brought to this orb are too willing to have “CAPILLARY” vision of what IS available.


there comes the time
when era fails
new blooms from dust
a “sage’s” rails
the history
is often lost
too later found then
removed as dross
some watch their thoughts
turned into mists
saving the chaff
destroyed the grists
but this is “life”
we can’t “complete”
alloted time then
to Heaven’s seats
the interplay
of skin to soul
not perfected yet
but that’s the goal


why did I

create TWO SOULS

that connect by

enzymes coupled

to clear death

for those without

the “follow-ups”

right now is the moment

to receive congratulations

for NOT screwing  “life” up more



, ,



Somewhere there IS a VINDICATION in the above. I have LOST as many houses, cars, “wives”. Imbibed as much alcohol, sniffed the assorted “frosteds” from the lower Americas. But HAVE continued to read four times as many books, volunteered for the varied candidates and, mowed more free lawns than a Goat, or Ram. I’m a REAL PAN-American.

If you’ve no idea of me I’m an “un-edge-uh-mah-cated” Man that grew “up” during the 1960’s. Most of my graduated classmates went on to college, or into their ‘Daddy’s’ business… TOO MANY. My parents seem to have spent a lot of time at / around THE Ohio State University where Mother was an INTERIOR DESIGN MAJOR. She didn’t finish BECAUSE of ME. But, she DID get a job with the State, which turned into a CAREER, which allows her to age more comfortably than she would have, after SIX bouts with CANCER. FIFTY-THREE YEARS of “taking it”… then remissing it.

But, to the point. The link above is about a list of where our “best and brightest” go, have gone, will go to have become / be MORE “of” such. Take a good look at the participants… DOESN’T it look like the NCAA Basketball bracketry!?! Even though the list IS the answer to “who are the worst”, the sadder marker is that THE “worst” happen to be in the SOUTHERN parts of the country. Where larger institutions of educating the PLANTATION OWNER’S BROOD would have gone to further “THE PRIDE” .A well and, truly sad commentary “of’.

interior design grads as tile.

interior design grads as tile.

zoology grad... mid management.

zoology grad… mid management. (“Center”)


… reading the GO sign


, ,

The times are taking a toll on the ‘good folk’. The better of those that I try to be cordial to aren’t as “chipper’ as before. The other day I was going to the corner store when a neighbor, that “is deaf” was quite close to the traffic lane of an approaching car. The gentleman is over 70 and, a total of, maybe, 100 lbs.. NOT good odds. I stood mid lane, waving my hands to get the driver’s attention. After coming within 60 feet of the man the passenger swiftly opened his door to issue a “Hey(!) MAN(!), You gotta’ problem!?? The kid was a “Plymouth rock” gened wanna’-be that thought his bluster would show well for his sweetie driving… NOT in the LEAST!!!!!!!! I stood ground to yell that “That older gentleman IS DEAF and, had NO IDEA that you were so close. DID YOU notice that he’s carrying a bag of beers? The sheeped got back into the car while his “girl” looked through him. They, BOTH, waved as they let the man pass.

There are too many instances of “CHALLENGE” by too many that have NO IDEA of a CONSEQUENCE to them… NOW or LATER.

I can only imagine how the less robust of my neighbors are dealing with these insanities. BUT, IT doesn’t look good. I’m writing the later to inspire “something”.


forever to forgiven
by faith so honor bound
the day the month no matter
swift peal of “trumpet’s” sound

the crimes reminding firstly
that new should be enhanced
not taken to advantages
‘creation’ thought filled chance

the time here is exquisite
though “fauna” is a try
the entry fee live faith-fully
until sweet by-and-by

the difficulties added
are but the test refined
to pass them without cheating
is reading the GO sign

… my mouthful of HARD CHEESE


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The world IS still spinning. The people of it are still hurting one another. We read stories of folks that live LONG, FULL LIVES. The TRIALS are but the challenges placed along the path. Most “trials” don’t last entire ‘lives’, though the culture has its variations of what “we” call “A LIFE”

We are here within a NATION that has become what we’ve “learned” of other NATIONS, AND TIMES. “Well to DO”, “RICH and POWERFUL”… CHOSEN BY ‘GOD’. Yet, here we are, AGAIN, debating the myriad of aspects that MAKE PEOPLE “WHAT” they are, and allowing a few to “knead” our minds into doughs that aren’t quite nutritious. It would be nice for ALL people to be able to EAT, DRINK, STAY WARM/ COOL. To have LOVE that isn’t to turn RANCID by the greed of SELFISHNESS… or misplaced DESIRE(S).

It would be “nice” to CREATE the things that enable BETTER , items and objects to ENHANCE “A” LIFE on this cosmic neutrino of dirt. There ARE, and have been so many “explanations” of the “WHY” though to “BELIEVE” is the director to “WHO“. In writing this I’ve not much ‘faith’ in those that profess to be the “emissaries”, even as I DO KNOW that there IS an INTELLIGENCE that HAS put “ALL THIS” into motion. I just wish I had a better CONTACT.

As the “times” grow tougher to understand, and NAVIGATE, it seems that the “group” I’m “part of” is having the “LIFE” removed in a manner INSIDIOUS, every aspect of the rules are now WRONG. HONESTY is a ‘sin’, “hard work’s” being rewarded by dismissal. “CARE” is different than descibed…

noun: care
  1. 1.
    the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
    “the care of the elderly”
    synonyms: safekeeping, supervision, custody, charge, protection, control, responsibility; More

    guardianship, wardship
    “the care of the child”
    “care for the elderly”
    antonyms: neglect, disregard
  2. 2.
    serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.
    “he planned his departure with great care”
    synonyms: caution, carefulness, heedfulness, heed, attention, attentiveness More

    “handle with care”
    “she chose her words with care”
    antonyms: carelessness
verb: care; 3rd person present: cares; past tense: cared; past participle: cared; gerund or present participle: caring
  1. 1.
    feel concern or interest; attach importance to something.
    “they don’t care about human life”
    synonyms: be concerned, worry (oneself), trouble oneself, concern oneself, bother, mind, be interested; More

    informalgive a damn, give a hoot
    “the teachers didn’t care about our work”
    • feel affection or liking.
      “you care very deeply for him”
      synonyms: love, be fond of, be devoted to, treasure, adore, dote on, think the world of, worship, idolize More

      “he cares for his children”
    • like or be willing to do or have something.
      “would you care for some tea?”
      synonyms: like, want, desire, fancy, feel like More

      “would you care for a cup of coffee?”
  2. 2.
    look after and provide for the needs of.
    “he has numerous animals to care for”
    synonyms: look after, take care of, tend (to), attend to, minister to, nurse

scant sixty years to form this “life”
my own miscues created strifes
the many folk that won’t press “like”
their union voted me to strike

of wants they’re simple downright dumb
too many “pies” without a plumb
the life of reilly could use some
instead of beaten like some drum

there’s many insights come my way
though understanding goes astray
could be a better Man today
if just got answers when I prayed

the love got lost just when it bloomed
it’s over there that far off plume
yet when we talk there’s still some swoon
but we’ve realized the fates had doomed

so here I tap these woe-is-me(s)
at times more often than bended knees
I’ve asked the maker “if YOU please”
but it’s my mouthful of HARD CHEESE

…the deed to own OUR HUMANITY


, ,

How much longer until our friends have had enough? And , what about those of US here? WHY do we keep BUYING the ARSENIC tainted properties that SOMEONE ELSE has removed ALL the GOLDS FROM!?! I really don’t want to say anything else of that, except…

they’ve turned YOU into POSTER-BOUY of every wrong they’ve built
they’ve given you most any tool thrust, blindly, to the hilt
the flood of what you drew down here has orb buried in silts
of HATE’S revenges neatly sewn by administrative CRAZY QUILTS

the “best and brightest” botched our HEALTH our formers ran like…well
the fast and furious brand new day has us hearing too many tolled bells
though HALF of TWO worlds not quite “JIVED”, from porch is where you’ll sell
these hired hands use different brands their loyalties have bad smells

as I HAVE panned this “YES,WE CAN” the shudders keep shutters closed
the lies of CHEATS are so replete ’til “failure” demands “kings” change into some new clothes
while villages totter on their PAID FOR ledges with children aging before deposed
FLUMMAHJESTER caused sequesture in hopes the NATION dozed

friends ask “WHO ARE YOU” to play peek-AHHH-boo with my PRIVATE talks
a whistle blown to all has shown the roost keeps too many cocks
but, inheritence leaves families rent, old issues not needing fought
the newly trained have no refrains more often getting caught

while we that pass, no thieving cashes, treat as we need to be
the wage we pay for DO / SEEK right, from SEA to (OIL SLICKED) SHINY SEA
the TAX of DERM is all’s concern when signing the deed to own OUR HUMANITY

“Dear” Mister CORDRAY…


, , ,

It’s been “SOME” time that I’ve found “a” heart-felt necessity to bring a “jot” to this site. The header “says” that there’ a ‘forebodence’ of the thing to be presented. Well, here one IS.

In August of 2012 AT&T charged my $20.00 a month DSL account FOUR TIMES in a THIRTY DAY PERIOD!!!!(!?!) Long story abridged, they ADMITTED TO SUCH, but ‘THIMBLERIGGED’,[THIMBLERIG], The Ohio STATE’S ATTORNEY GENERAL’S Offices, ( Who HAVE closed the case even AFTER receiving PROOF DIFFERENT… TWICE!!!). And, THE CONSUMER FINANACIAL “PROTECTION” BUREAU, ( TWICE ALSO. ‘Nough Said.)

SO, the header IS appropriate for the atmosphere of this “VIEW”

Dear Mister CORDRAY,

I find that with my story told
IS quite enough, as reasons hold.
The culprit HAS admitted guilt
it’s clear for YOU, there ARE NO SILTS.
And, after “they” move another SHELL
it’s up to YOU to ring THEFT’S closing bell.
Collusion’s such an UGLY WORD
especially after one’s name’s been heard.
It’s THREE TIMES, now, contact’s been re-made
how can YOU breathe sleep-walking the posterial haze?
It’s simple, theives MUST serve SOME penance
or, are we to suffer AMERICA’S THEIFLY tenants?
When first unwrapped, CORDRAY(?) HOORAY!
now, ‘FAILURES’ “OF” have MORE to say.
It’s more than year, half a PACHY’S gestation

‘Government business practices’…

simp-ly... hired